Meth is among the most dangerous and addictive drugs in the U.S. As such, recovery from addiction requires extensive detox, rehab, and aftercare form qualified treatment specialists. Landmark Recovery offers comprehensive care at our meth addiction treatment center.

We address the psychological damage that meth use has caused, as well as provide strategies that help you get clean and stay clean. Our treatment specialists combine evidence-based treatment with holistic care throughout all stages of your recovery. To find out more about our meth addiction treatment center, contact us today.

woman in therapy at Meth Addiction Treatment CenterInpatient and Outpatient Services for Meth Addiction

We offer a variety of treatment services that meet your needs and address your level of addiction. The type of treatment you choose depends on your level of addiction and how much supervision or support you require. Our treatment services include:

  • Residential Treatment: If you need 24/7 care and monitoring, then you may want to choose residential treatment. This type of treatment provides up to 45 days of round-the-clock care with access to full facilities, amenities, and programs. It is ideal if you have a severe addiction to meth and need to isolate yourself through detox and rehab.
  • Partial Hospitalization: If you do not require stabilization for withdrawal or long-term residential care, a partial hospitalization program (PHP) may be a better match. You still participate in various aspects of therapy with a transitional program that can help you slowly get back into your normal life.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP): Whether you are transitioning out of residential treatment or do not require 24/7 care, the intensive outpatient program can help you overcome your addiction while continuing to go to work, live at home, or meet personal obligations.

All three treatment services offer individual, group, and family therapy options, as well as holistic treatment. A treatment specialist can help you develop the right plan according to your level of addiction and any mental health issues you may be dealing with.

Detox for Meth Addiction

The first step in recovery from meth addiction is detox. Our medical detox center is effective in helping your body heal from addiction. The detox process can be uncomfortable or even painful. However, it is a necessary step in preparing you for successful rehabilitation. Professional detox at our treatment center also allows you to recover in a safe environment. Our detox treatment plan includes:

  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • 24/7 monitoring and care
  • Certified medical professionals
  • Comfortable facilities
  • Emergency medical treatment, as needed

You may experience mild to severe withdrawal symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, paranoia, increased appetite, unpleasant dreams, or hallucinations. You may also have intense cravings that last beyond the initial withdrawal period. Withdrawal typically lasts between seven and 14 days.

Aftercare for Meth Addiction

Once you complete rehab, you may discover that transitioning back into normal life is challenging. Landmark offers aftercare programs at our meth addiction treatment center in Oklahoma. Aftercare provides a support network that you can reach out to when you are tempted to relapse.

Our program includes ongoing therapy, support groups, sober living houses, and our alumni program. You can also connect with our SMART Recovery or AA meetings as a way to get local support and help you stay committed to lifelong recovery.

Learn More About Our Meth Addiction Treatment Center

Are you ready to get serious about getting off of meth for good? If so, Landmark Recovery is here to help. We offer a comprehensive treatment plan at our meth addiction treatment center in Oklahoma. So to find out more about the treatment options we offer, call 405.494.4239. Meth addiction can be overcome with the right support.