two women sitting at Heroin Addiction Treatment CenterHeroin is a severe problem in the United States, affecting thousands of people annually. The addictive nature of heroin and its long history of easy-access and availability make it a popular drug. However, heroin use has dire consequences. Not only is heroin overdose a problem, but heroin addiction and even heroin use are problematic too. Using heroin only once can lead to an addiction to heroin. If you or a loved one are using heroin, seek help from Landmark Recovery’s Oklahoma drug rehab programs.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), approximately 948,000 people used heroin in 2016. Heroin abuse has tripled in the last decade. Therefore, heroin addiction treatment centers are vital in every area across the country. A heroin detox center in OKC is the first step in recovering from heroin addiction.

Who Needs a Heroin Addiction Treatment Center?

If you are struggling with heroin use, our heroin rehab center in Oklahoma can lead you to a life of sobriety. At a drug rehab center, you can go through medical drug detox with the help of medical professionals by your side. When dealing with withdrawal, you will go through some difficult physical symptoms. For instance, some withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Anxiety and restlessness
  • Fatigue and drowsiness
  • Vomiting and sickness
  • Possible seizures
  • Cravings that can be intense
  • Sweating
  • Depression
  • Hallucinations

Due to these heroin withdrawal symptoms, it’s critical to have an addiction team that provides you with the aid you need to get through withdrawal. During your detox, you’ll receive medical care, medication, nutrition, and a comfortable place to rest.

After Detox

Once you finish the detox portion of rehab at a heroin addiction treatment center, you will continue on your journey of healing by attending therapy sessions. During therapy, you can get to the fundamental issues that may have led to the path of addiction addressed. Landmark Recovery offers many addiction treatment therapy programs, including:

Many people who suffer from heroin addiction also have co-occurring mental health disorders. That’s why we offer a dual diagnosis treatment program. You may also find it beneficial to participate in our alumni therapy program after you have completed your rehab program.

Recovery at Landmark Recovery Oklahoma City

At Landmark Recovery Oklahoma City, we understand what is involved in becoming sober. Our treatment staff provides you with the tools necessary to overcome addiction. Many people repeatedly struggle with relapse when they don’t seek help from a professional rehab center. At Landmark Recovery, we will lead you along the pathway to achieving your goals of living a sober life.

Our caring, compassionate medical team will get you started on your path to sobriety. Our years of helping people with addiction problems give us the experience to help you too. We rely on evidence-based therapies and programs to guide along the path of healing. By combining detox, therapy, and overall encouragement, we ensure you find the way to peace of mind.

We have several treatment services available. An intake specialist will make sure you get admitted to the right one. Our addiction treatment programs include:

Your treatment program will combine therapy and medical detox in order for you to get the most benefits out of rehab. We designed this comprehensive program to bring you more success at long-term recovery. Without a full and comprehensive plan, you may relapse. However, with the proper tools and strategies, you are assured greater chances of success.

Don’t wait until addiction hinders happiness in your life or steals away your peace. You can overcome this substance addiction now by going to a heroin addiction treatment center. Contact Landmark Recovery Oklahoma City at 405.494.4239, and we’ll walk with you each and every step of the way.