Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant that increases your levels of energy, attention, and alertness. The drug is illegal in most countries in the world including the United States. Cocaine produces high levels of dopamine to the brain, which controls pleasure. Despite the adverse effects that come with the drug, most people in the United States still use it. Statistics show that around 1.9 million adults aged 18 and above are cocaine users.  A cocaine addiction treatment center is ideal for people who need to recover from addiction.

Cocaine Abuse and Effects

Since cocaine is an illegal substance, any use of the drug is abuse. When used for a long time, cocaine causes severe long-term effects. It can change the genetics of the proteins in the body, nerve cells, brain cells, and other serious effects.

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Some of the other effects of abusing cocaine include:

  • Overconfidence
  • Anxiety
  • Talkativeness
  • Excitement
  • Decreased appetite
  • Extreme sensitivity to light, sound, and touch

When used excessively, the drug may lead to heart disease, seizures and convulsions, lung damage, mood problems, and sexual troubles. Injecting cocaine puts you at a higher risk of overdose compared to snorting. Most cocaine users end up dying as a result of cardiac arrest or stroke. You or your loved one need to seek help from a cocaine addiction treatment center to prevent the adverse effects.

Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

The most common treatment plans for cocaine addiction include counseling and other types of therapy. You may decide to stay in a residential addiction treatment center until you recover. Having regular sessions with a professional therapist helps you to change your thought processes and behavior.

Medical detox centers help your body in adjusting to the treatment. These types of treatments are significant in the successful recovery of an individual. But psychological dependence on cocaine may be difficult to overcome. When seeking treatment for cocaine addiction, it is important to consider various factors. These include the medical and psychiatric needs, living environment, and severity of the addiction.

Individuals struggling with cocaine addiction should have a support system once they leave therapy. This initiative helps prevent relapse. Support groups also help those in recovery to interact with former addicts to receive encouragement and a helping hand throughout the recovery process.

Landmark Recovery Cocaine Addiction Treatment Center

This treatment center in Oklahoma City provides treatment programs for substance abuse. Landmark Recovery works together with the patients to come up with an individualized treatment plan. This plan should work best for the needs and schedule of the patient. The cocaine addiction treatment center offers evidence-based care and advanced treatment options.

Some of the treatment programs provide at the treatment center include:

  • Medical detox: This involves tapering the body carefully from the severe side effects of drug withdrawal. The process of medical detox is crucial in providing improved wellness and health
  • Individual and group therapy: Individual therapy makes it possible for patients to share their confidential issues with trusted and expert therapies. Group therapy is important when one needs to empathize with peers or share their journey with others.
  • Mindfulness and recreational therapies: It is crucial to have a healthy body and mind for a successful recovery. Landmark provides patients with recreational and mindfulness practices and activities
  • SMART Recovery: This is a 4-point support plan that ensures long-term sobriety. It assists patients to manage their addictions by learning self-empowerment.
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP): This is ideal for patients who need treatment but still insist to stay with their family members.
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP): This treatment program is ideal for patients who are newly sober or require additional resources to help in recovery.

Seek Professional Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

Don’t sit and watch your loved one suffer from cocaine addiction. Seek help from a cocaine addiction treatment center. Treatment helps you lead a more fulfilling and healthy life. Call Landmark Recovery Oklahoma City at 405.494.4239 for quality care and successful recovery.