therapist explaining to couple Alcohol Addiction Treatment CenterAlcoholism is a massive problem in the United States, with millions of people affected annually. Many people don’t realize the detrimental effects of alcohol abuse because of its legality and easy access. However, the number of people who die of alcohol-related deaths surpasses that of other drugs.

It is common for people to not realize they have a problem with alcohol. They think they have it under control. Yet, if you drink alcohol excessively and regularly, or you feel like you can’t go without drinking, you may benefit from an alcohol addiction treatment center in Oklahoma City.

What is an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center?

An alcohol addiction treatment center in Oklahoma is where people can go to recover from an alcohol use disorder. Whether you are struggling with a minor or major issue with alcohol, it does not matter. At our alcohol rehab center in Oklahoma, you can get help and begin living a more fulfilling life. You will begin your journey with medical detox and end with an alumni program that will ensure you are less likely to relapse.

First Step Towards Recovery

The first step in getting help for alcohol addiction is a personal one. You must decide that recovery is what you want for your future. When you admit there is a need for help, and you are willing to seek help to overcome the problem, you will go far in finding the appropriate care.

It may be difficult to take that first step and admit there is a problem, but it’s necessary. Once you take that initial step, you can then reach out to our alcohol addiction treatment center in Oklahoma City for help to become the best person you can be.

Resources at Our Alcohol Rehab Center in Oklahoma

When you enter treatment for alcohol addiction, the first thing you’ll do is go through medical detox. Medical detoxification is necessary to rid your system of all the alcohol safely. Furthermore, with medical detox, you can be assured that you won’t suffer through the horrendous withdrawal symptoms alone. Trained professionals will provide you with the necessary aid to get through the withdrawal process. You will have a comfortable place to rest while doctors monitor your vital signs. They will also administer medication, as needed.

During the next phase of treatment, you will attend various therapy sessions to help you heal inwardly from things that may have led to addictive behavior. Some therapies offered by Landmark Recovery that are helpful for those with an alcohol use disorder include:

Landmark Recovery’s Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

When you join the family at Landmark Recovery in Oklahoma City, OK, you’ll be greeted by compassionate professionals who understand what it takes to help you make it through rehab to a sober life.

Our evidence-based therapies and programs guide you along your journey to hope at our alcohol addiction treatment centers. Through a combination of detox, therapy, and caring support, we ensure you find the path of healing. Our staff is familiar with working with those struggling with alcohol addiction, and our intake specialists will make sure you get admitted to the proper program. Some of our addiction treatment programs include:

A therapist will advise you about which program is best suited for you based on the severity of your situation.

Don’t let addiction take away your chances of happiness in life. You can overcome your addiction by going to an alcohol addiction treatment center. Contact Landmark Recovery Oklahoma City at 405.494.4239, and we’ll walk with you each step of the way.