Woman talking to a therapist at a substance abuse treatment program at an Oklahoma City rehabWith the millions of people affected by drug addiction in the United States, it’s critical to seek out professional substance abuse treatment. With Landmark Recovery’s comprehensive addiction treatment services, you will find the peace of a sober life. Although it may be a new way of living, you can accomplish the goal of sobriety by having the support of professionals.

Men and women can both benefit from gender-specific substance abuse treatment in OKC. Therefore, we offer a men’s addiction treatment program and a women’s addiction treatment program.

If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction to alcohol, heroin or any other type of drug, the addiction treatment specialists at Landmark Recovery can help. We offer various different rehab programs in Oklahoma City, OK, including an intensive outpatient program (IOP), a partial hospitalization program (PHP), and a residential addiction treatment program.

How Many People are Affected by Substance Abuse?

The number of people affected by substance abuse is difficult to gauge. We know the number is in the millions, especially when you take into consideration alcohol addiction. The number of people who overdosed from drugs alone was 70,200 in 2017, which represents a drastic increase in the decade prior to that. In 1999, the number of overdose deaths was 16,849.

What Does Substance Abuse Do To Lives?

Substance abuse has the capability of destroying the mind, body, social life, and emotions. People realize that they are addicted to the substance but struggle with intense withdrawal that occurs if they attempt to quit with Oklahoma City addiction treatment services.

Sometimes people resort to unethical or dangerous activities to keep their substance habit going. Although they feel guilt, shame, and regret for their actions, they also feel helpless to change.

How Does Substance Abuse Treatment Work?

Substance abuse treatment works at the core of a person’s addiction. Instead of just treating the symptoms by helping the person detox, addiction treatment therapy programs offer solutions for healing the causes that led to substance use in the first place.

The first step to substance abuse treatment is the rehab admissions process. Through admissions, you will discuss your goals for sobriety, and a trained therapist will identify the severity of your situation. During the admissions process, you will also learn what to expect at rehab.

Then, you’ll meet with the evaluator to develop a plan for rehab. Together, the two of you will determine what program will work best for you. Landmark Recovery’s Oklahoma addiction treatment programs include:

Starting Rehab

When you begin rehab, you’ll likely start with medical detox. This will get you through the difficulties of withdrawal and help you move on to the next step on your journey.

During detox, certified medical professionals will oversee your condition to ensure you are safe and comfortable during the process. Next, you’ll begin therapy. Your therapy routine will help us get to the core cause of your addiction issues. Some of the therapy programs you will participate in include:

As you grow in your new experience, you’ll become stronger and begin to be able to help others who need substance abuse treatment. You can do this through group therapy sessions or by attending our alumni therapy program.

Help at Landmark Recovery Oklahoma City

Join us at Landmark Recovery Oklahoma City where every day is a new experience of hope. Every day is a new step along the journey of a brighter future. You will discover a staff of compassionate therapists and medical experts who are familiar with situations like yours. They will make sure you’re on the right pathway to heal.

Don’t let addiction take you down in life. You can overcome your addiction by going to a quality substance abuse treatment center. Contact us at 405.494.4239, and we’ll help you on the road to recovery.