During recreational therapy, you engage in activities that address your addiction or other mental conditions. Recreational therapy is an activity-based type of treatment. It is a highly engaging therapy that allows you to express your struggles and concerns in a productive manner. Our recreational therapy program in Oklahoma is an effective supplement to our primary care. 

By utilizing our recreational therapy program in Oklahoma, you can return to a healthy lifestyle free of addiction. Recreational therapy teaches you how to enjoy life again and reclaim the time that was wasted from your addiction. While recreation therapy may have the stigma of being all fun and games, our program is targeted to help you recover. 

Reducing Stress and Anxiety

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Addiction treatment can be an extremely stressful time. The withdrawal process may be uncomfortable, and you may find it stressful. Additionally, some people use substances to help them cope with life’s stresses and anxieties. However, when they go into treatment, they can’t use these stress-relieving methods. Therefore they have to learn new ones. That’s where a recreational therapy program in Oklahoma comes into play.

Our recreational therapy program helps you reduce depression, stress, and anxiety that can often accompany addiction. When your entire life is all about using drugs or drinking alcohol, it can drain you mentally, emotionally, and physically. This is especially true if you are suffering from addiction while trying to maintain work and family life. 

Learning how to relax is a crucial step in your recovery because it teaches how to enjoy your life again. Addiction can take a significant toll. The recreational therapy program in Oklahoma can restore your life and replenish your being in ways that other types of therapy cannot do.

Benefits of Recreational Therapy

As an integral part of your recovery, there are several benefits of our recreational therapy program such as:

  • Promotes an active lifestyle that does not center around a substance
  • Helps you to set goals and achieve them so that you can see the results of your efforts
  • Enables you to develop skills so that you can become better in your home and your community
  • Allows you to engage in activities in a group setting
  • Addresses treatment and recovery for the whole person
  • Provides healing, not just putting an end to your substance abuse 

One of the best benefits of recreational therapy is that it helps you to develop a skill, hobby, or activity that you can use long after your initial treatment is complete. It gives you another tool for recovery outside of traditional rehab.

Recreational Therapy Options

Our recreational therapies are extremely flexible. Almost any type of healthy or positive recreation can be used as a tool for recovery. Therefore, the best way to find out what therapy is most appropriate is to meet with tour therapist and go over your options.

Some of the most common types of therapy include:

  • Outside activities
  • Art, music, acting, dance, or writing
  • Athletic activity
  • Equine therapy
  • Travel and adventure

Learn More About Our Recreational Therapy Program in Oklahoma

At Landmark Recovery, we know that there are many types of people who need treatment. Therefore, we treat a variety of addictions. For example, we treat heroin addiction and alcohol addiction.

When combined with your primary treatment, recreational therapy can be a great way to help you heal from your addiction. To learn about our Oklahoma City recreational therapy programs, or to find out more about addiction treatment options available to you, contact Landmark Recovery at 405.494.4239. We offer a wide range of therapies as a part of our recreational therapy program in Oklahoma. Treatment is within reach at Landmark Recovery.