faces of the people in Group Therapy Program OklahomaWhen you get the support you need from other people who are also on the path to the recovery, you are more likely to complete your treatment program successfully. Landmark Recovery Oklahoma City offers a complete group therapy program to suit your needs. Our treatment specialists can help you overcome addiction to drugs or alcohol.

We utilize a wide range of evidence-based and holistic therapies in Oklahoma City that address your particular addiction, or any mental disorders you have may have. Our goal is to provide the type of treatment that promotes a sustainable recovery and gets you back on track. To find out more about our group therapy program in Oklahoma, contact Landmark Recovery Oklahoma City today.

Types of Group Therapy We Offer

One of the benefits of group therapy is that it provides you with a support system from others who can identify with your condition. You can gain insight from other people, as well as share your thoughts and feelings in a safe, judgment-free environment. Some of the treatments we offer in our group therapy program in Oklahoma include:

Therapist-Led Sessions

While 12-step programs are often member-driven, group therapy sessions are under the guidance of a licensed therapist. There are plenty of opportunities for people in the group to share. However, the agenda of each session is set by the therapist, who leads the group through different concepts.

Family Therapy

Our group therapy program also includes family therapy. Since addiction affects the entire family, we offer opportunities for members of your family to engage in talk therapy, holistic activities, and other forms of treatment. Family therapy allows your family to recover together and reconnect as you address your issues.

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

During solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT), you focus on finding solutions during the present moment while setting your sights on a hopeful future. Putting yourself in this mindset helps you and others quickly resolve problems that are associated with addiction. By working with a group, you can find solutions much easier.

Seeking Safety

Seeking safety is an evidence-based type of therapy that is similar to cognitive behavioral therapy. Instead of digging into the past, seeking safety therapy help each person in the group to stay focused on the present moment. This type of therapy is effective in treating trauma and related mental disorders such as PTSD.

SMART Recovery

A four-point program, SMART Recovery is for those seeking to break the chains of addiction and successfully lead a productive life free from drugs and alcohol. SMART Recovery offers a broad array of methods that teach addicts to cope with urges, build motivation to keep working, and live a balanced, overall life of purpose. Much like AA, thousands around the world use it. Unlike AA, it is not a 12-step program based on faith in a higher power.

What Can You Expect in Our Group Therapy Program

There is a difference between a support group and a group therapy program. A support group may be self-led with lots of flexibility for discussions. However, a group therapy program in Oklahoma is a more focused group with a therapist who leads the group in discussion. Group therapy involves a combination of talk therapy and activities designed to reinforce your treatment.

There are several benefits of group therapy, including:

  • Support from others who understand your condition, struggles, and goals
  • Accountability and motivation to keep going with your program
  • Ability to improve the social skills that you may have lost due to addiction
  • Opportunity to help other people by providing insight and encouragement
  • A long-term solution: you can join a support group after rehab

A group therapy program focuses on evidence-based treatment as primary care. Research and study backs evidence-based treatment. Thus, this proves it to be the most effective for addiction treatment.

Learn More About Our Group Therapy Program in Oklahoma

If you would like to find out more about our group therapy program in Oklahoma, contact Landmark Recovery Oklahoma City today at 405.494.4239. We can answer your questions, discuss your options, and get your treatment started.