woman working at Womens Addiction Treatment CenterAccording to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, while men may be more likely to die from an overdose due to substance abuse, women are just as prone to substance abuse as men. Furthermore, women are more likely to deal with cravings and relapse issues than men. Cravings lead to relapse after completing addiction treatment programs in Oklahoma City, which is a large problem in living a life of recovery. However, to be successful in living a sober life, it’s critical to find a quality women’s addiction treatment center.

Special Issues With Women and Substance Abuse

Women have special needs regarding substance abuse. They need care from a team of medical professionals who will understand their situation and help them move along the journey to healing. Studies show that women tend to go from substance use to dependence relatively quickly compared to their counterparts. In other words, women can become addicted quite fast, bringing about the need for a women’s addiction treatment center.

How Will a Women’s Addiction Treatment Center Help?

At a women’s addiction treatment center, you will enter through the admissions process. An intake coordinator will process your information, including your insurance verification information. You don’t need to worry about insurance issues because the law prohibits denial based on drug rehab needs.

Once you are admitted to the treatment center, you will begin the medical detox program. During detox, your physical withdrawal needs will be addressed. Therapists and medical staff will make sure you are comfortable while they ease you through the process. Some of the things they will help you with include:

  • Monitor your vital signs, such as heart rate, body temperature, and oxygen
  • Check to see if you need medication for symptoms such as headache, bodily aches, and nausea
  • Provide medication for withdrawal
  • Give you nutritious meals
  • Provide you with a comfortable room and bed

Detox works best when combined with evidence-based therapy such as:

Through detox and therapy, you can get on the pathway to recovery and have a fulfilled life. Detox clears your body of the drugs and chemicals that are in it, while therapy helps you get to the root of your issues.

Find Peace at Landmark Recovery Oklahoma City

When you join the Landmark Recovery Oklahoma City family, you can begin the journey to finding peace and starting life over again. As you walk along the journey of healing, you’ll sense the self-care that you’re giving yourself. A whole new life shines ahead of you with brighter days awaiting.

When you join Landmark Recovery Oklahoma City, you’ll be greeted by caring, compassionate professionals who have helped countless other individuals with a broad spectrum of addiction problems. Therefore, they understand what it takes to bring you through this difficult time.
By using evidence-based therapies and programs, we guide you along your journey to hope at our women’s addiction treatment center.

Through a combination of detox, therapy, and compassionate care, we ensure you find the path of healing. Our staff is familiar with working with those struggling with substance addiction, and our intake specialist will make sure you get admitted to the proper program. Some of our treatment programs include:

A therapist will advise you about which program is best for you based on the severity of your situation.

Don’t wait until addiction steals away your happiness in life. You can overcome this substance addiction by going to a women’s addiction treatment center. Contact us at 405.494.4239, and we’ll walk with you each and every step of the way.