doctor speaking to patient about partial hospitalization program Oklahoma CityPsychoactive substances all carry the risk of addiction, as addiction can lead to physical and psychological dependence. Unfortunately, even prescription medications taken in exact accordance with your doctor’s recommendations can result in dependency. When you struggle with addiction, a partial hospitalization program in Oklahoma City can provide you with the support, tools, and guidance you need to recover fully.

Substance abuse disorders, addiction, and alcoholism are a widespread problem in the United States. 30.5 million Americans ages 12 and older have used an illicit drug in the past month, with more than 20 million Americans meeting the criteria for a substance abuse disorder annually. Addiction is a chronic disorder, meaning that recovery requires treatment. Since substance abuse disorders impact and impair judgment, addiction can increase your chances of engaging in harmful and dangerous behaviors.

How Addiction Works

Addiction is a complex disease. When you use drugs and alcohol, your brain releases a powerful and overwhelming rush of pleasurable neurotransmitters, which is responsible for the positive effects of intoxication. Your brain also associates the substance with pleasure, which forces your pleasure and reward center to change. When this association is made, your brain also connects everything that reminds you of your substance of choice, which can include people, places, and things, with pleasure.

Triggers cause cravings, which can make it difficult to quit using. Additionally, many substances also cause your body to become physically dependent on it to function normally. Once a physical addiction develops, you can experience painful and overwhelming withdrawal symptoms within hours of your last use.

Addiction impairs your judgment, which makes it easier to spend lavishly on your substance of choice and make questionable or harmful decisions to support your addiction. Addiction can also:

  • Damage your personal relationships
  • Cause medical and mental health problems
  • Aggravate preexisting conditions
  • Lead to financial destitution
  • Cause employment problems
  • Cause organ damage

What a Partial Hospitalization Program in Oklahoma City Offers

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) in Oklahoma City is an outpatient program that allows you to return home each night. As opposed to an IOP program, a PHP in Oklahoma meets for at least five days a week. Instead of meeting for several hours, a partial hospitalization program in Oklahoma City usually meets for at least six hours a day. The increased time commitment and structure is highly beneficial if you struggle with addiction.

A partial hospitalization program in Oklahoma City can also provide medical detox services on an outpatient basis. During treatment at a PHP in Oklahoma, staff will utilize evidence-based and holistic therapies to help you learn how to manage things like cravings and triggers. Another important part of the program is that it helps you identify and change negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Learning how to cope with negative feelings, like anxiety, depression, and loneliness is another central theme during treatment at a partial hospitalization program in Oklahoma City. Often, negative emotions are dealt with by using drugs or alcohol during addiction. So finding healthy ways to combat these feelings is imperative during recovery.

Identifying your triggers is another way to support your recovery. Although it’s impossible to avoid all triggers, learning how to limit your exposure to them is something a partial hospitalization program in Oklahoma City can help you with.

Finding Help Today

Don’t let addiction control your life. Recovery starts with connecting with a treatment center that can help support your goal of living a life free from drugs and alcohol. To find out more, contact Landmark Recovery Oklahoma City today at 405.494.4239.