man looking at view while at Mens Addiction Treatment CenterAccording to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 70,200 people overdosed in 2017, up quite substantially from the previous decade. Additionally, men use illicit drugs more frequently than women, and men are more likely to overdose and die than women. They are also more likely to drink excessively than women. The substance abuse epidemic in the United States hits men particularly hard, thereby requiring the need for a men’s addiction treatment center. While in recovery at a men’s addiction treatment center, they can find the tools necessary to heal and live a full life.

Know the Triggers

While on the road to recovery, men will face many temptations and situations that will serve as triggers to return to drugs or alcohol. For example, certain emotions or situations may trigger a strong desire for using drugs or drinking again. Men must know what their triggers are so that they can be prepared to resist them. They can learn these through attending therapy at a men’s addiction treatment center.

Have a Treatment Plan at a Men’s Addiction Treatment Center

Recovery requires a detailed and cohesive plan. Knowing the triggers is the first part of overcoming temptations.
Next, men must have a plan in place when these triggers occur. It may involve reaching out to a support person who is familiar with your situation. Each man is different and will have his own plan to overcome temptations.

Avoid the Old Life

There’s no real way to be successful in staying sober if men continue to go around the old environment where they used to use. This is a difficult step to take for some men, but it’s critical to long-term success. It’s time to create new friendships and find new activities in which to participate.

Participate in Outpatient Rehab

Attending a men’s addiction treatment center is vital to a man’s well-being during recovery. Whether he is in alcohol treatment for men or drug rehab, he will learn various strategies for staying sober. In addition, he will attend individual and group therapy.

Don’t Give Up

No matter what occurs along the journey of recovery, men mustn’t give up in their efforts at sobriety. It’s common to relapse, but this doesn’t have to be the end of the man’s story. With determination, he can get up and continue going knowing that, just like with any illness, there may be occasional lapses.

Landmark Recovery’s Men’s Addiction Treatment Center

Welcome to Landmark Recovery Oklahoma City, where our caring professionals are ready to guide you to a new brighter future. Through our evidence-based therapies and programs, you will make progress along the journey to a new you. Find hope in our therapy sessions as you get to the core issues that are plaguing you. Our staff of compassionate therapists and medical experts are experienced in dealing with all types of drug addictions. We will make sure you’re on the right pathway to healing.

When you connect with an intake specialist, we’ll go over our programs with you. These include:

A therapist will advise which program will be most effective for you based on the severity of your situation. Don’t let addiction ruin your happiness and joy. You can overcome your addiction by going to a men’s addiction treatment center. Contact Landmark Recovery Oklahoma City at 405.494.4239, and we’ll get you on the road to recovery.