Landmark Recovery provides a simple rehab admissions process in Oklahoma City, OK, which is available 24/7/365 to get you or your loved one into treatment. Here is an easy guide to follow below: 

Prior to being admitted to Landmark Recovery, you will speak with a treatment relationship team member. Our treatment relationship team will confidentially gather all the necessary information to decide the best course of action in the treatment process. We recommend that you read our guide on what to expect at rehab in Oklahoma before the admissions process.

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When you need help with addiction, it is important that a treatment center makes it easy for you to enter a program. For this reason, we do everything we can to make you comfortable during the Oklahoma City rehab admissions process. We inform you in advance about what you need to bring and what you can expect while you are here.

Our treatment relationship team will gather the necessary insurance information and then walk you through the payment options prior to admission. Upon admission, a thorough history and physical examination will be performed by our medical staff to ensure a safe and secure transition into our program.  

Early Assessment and Information

Prior to the Oklahoma City rehab admissions process, we ask that any knowledge which might be helpful to your situation be made available. This information typically includes previous treatment experiences or other conditions which would help assist our treatment of you. This will help clinicians develop your personalized treatment plan, which may consist of a number of addiction treatment options, including medical detox or specific addiction treatment therapy programs.

The appropriate releases of information to other professionals will be made available by Landmark Recovery. Some of the exclusionary criteria for admission into Landmark Recovery’s program include cases involving acute psychiatric conditions. In these instances, a higher level of care is more appropriate.

Rehab Admissions Requirements

All patients admitted to Landmark Recovery will complete a screening and assessment process. An intake clinician and intake nurse will ensure that the admissions process goes smoothly. Landmark Recovery utilizes the ASAM criteria to determine a patient’s appropriateness for admission and to determine the least restrictive treatment level of care to meet the patient’s needs

Patients who meet one or more of the following conditions shall not be admitted to Landmark for any level of care; if existing Landmark patient begins to exhibit the below conditions, s/he shall be transferred expeditiously to an appropriate outside facility:

  • Non-ambulatory
  • Incontinence
  • The patient is actively suicidal, as noted by actual attempts at suicide or if the patient endorses a detailed, premeditated plan coupled with intent and available means
  • The patient demonstrates violent behavior (including verbal or physical aggression) or endorses homicidal ideation towards staff or other patients or has detailed, premeditated plans for such behavior
  • A doctor has determined that the patient has either diagnosed or undiagnosed mental health disorder that presents with such severity that it will prevent the patient from actively participating in his or her treatment in a residential setting
  • The patient has an acute, life-threatening illness or condition that requires transfer to an inpatient level of care

Patients who are less than 20 weeks pregnant may admit to any level of care other than detoxification. Patients who are 20 weeks pregnant or more may not admit to detoxification, residential treatment, or PHP with boarding. 

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Landmark Recovery is here to help you get started with your treatment plan when you are ready to end your addiction. Our drug and alcohol rehab center in Oklahoma provides a complete individual therapy program to help you through every phase of recovery. To find out more about our addiction treatment programs and our Oklahoma City rehab admissions, call us at 405.494.4239.